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October 2, 2013:
As Seen In The Daily Mail. Also, people will be using cuddle spray around the new year holidays and stocking up for Valentine's Day!


Autism & Aspergers Research

New studies involving the use of oxytocin sprays for people on the autism and asperger's spectrum have shown that the use of this hormone may improve empathy and trust, allowing people to come out of their shells and build relationships. However, no spray is a miracle cure and you should always seek professional advice, as many therapists also have non-drug related strategies for people with aspergers to better integrate with their peers.

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Exciting new scientific studies show greater empathy and bonding

PheromaxCuddle Spray is a name given to oxytocin sprays including nasal spray that makes men more affectionate and in tune with feelings. Some news sources deride it as a spray that "turns men into women" but men are excited about being able to become more in touch with feminine feelings. Cuddle spray is said to make a man feel like a woman because it contains oxytocin compounds that are associated with labor and breasfeeding, though men won't feel like they are giving birth. The spray creates significantly higher empathy levels in testing. Aside from making men more sensitive, there is some promise shown in the treatment of autism and schizophrenia because it helps people understand emotions.

You don't have to be lonely to try cuddle spray with oxytocin. There are plenty of couples who may feel that the magic has gone out of their relationship, and who might enjoy the benefits of a little renewed intensity and closeness in thier relationship. It has been found that oxytocin brings back the romance between men and women who may have lost some of the natural oxytocin in their own bonding as time wears on. If you can remember your early relationship romantic feelings, and don't believe that they are present now, then perhaps an oxytocin cuddle spray is just the type of thing you can try to get back into your groove. Aside from use as a partnership enhancer, the effects of oxytocin have been shown to inspire confidence and make just about anyone more sociable. If you are one of the people who may have a problem with social awkwardness, then perhaps a good cuddle spray is the ideal way to make yourself feel more confidence, and perhaps improve the good will of those around you.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: No amount of cuddle spray or trust spray can encourage people to do what they don't want to. We generally recommend that you use the spray primarily to bring out the feelings and confidence in yourself, and use it to improve your own empathy, so you become the dynamic individual that you have always wanted to be. You can build a much better reputation when you are in control and are able to empathize with others, and you when you bond with others you will feel much more motivated to be at your best.